Media Appearances

Sample Interviews

Interview on “Ask a Political Scientist” on the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination (5/20).

Interview at Denver 9News on the Trump impeachment inquiry (9/19).

Interview with Galen Druke and Julia Azari at FiveThirtyEight podcast on the Electoral College (4/19).

Interview with Jon Ward, “The Long Game” podcast, on party reform efforts (3/18).

Interview with Mike Pesca, Slate’s “The Gist” podcast, on whether Donald Trump should be using Twitter (7/17).

Interview with Tamara Keith, NPR Podcast, on the politics of the “Star Wars” universe (12/15).

Interview with Taylor Quimby, New Hampshire Public Radio, on authenticity in politics (9/15).

Interview with Bret Baier, Fox News, on presidential campaigns in swing states (10/12).

Interview with Eliot Spitzer, Viewpoint, on the first presidential debate of 2012 (10/12).

Interview with Scott Horsley, National Public Radio, on the Romney campaign and field offices (8/12).

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